September 15, 2011

I N T E R I O R / Floating Clothing Rack




Perhaps you've seen our coat rack in previous posts. It's made with the same principle as the DIY branche clothing rack. Making this one is even easyer. You'll need a tube, two hooks and a metal cable. Put the cable through the tube and hang it onto the ceiling and you're done.

We have this one hanging in our hallway, it's perfect for tiny Dutch homes where every space needs to be used as efficiently as possible; underneath we can put shoes, umbrellas and bags. I like to put different kinds of hangers on it, a couple of leather studded hangers from the 1980's, a few metal ones from IKEA and a couple of very thin ones from metal wire.


Marloes said...

Superleuk idee! Ziet er geweldig uit :)

Claudia said...

You just keep supricing me :) wonderful ideas! I wish i could make this rack too, because i can hang my clothes on that, but i'll make it in future ;)

Marie My said...

That's so cool :)

I took some inspiration in your branch clothing rack and have one hanging in my room now :)

love, Marie from

Anette said...

i love the way you organize your clothes:) simple but cool.

Fashiable said...

Leuk idee zeg! En je jasjes zijn zó mooi!

Ria :) said...

that is indeed a neat way to do it, i love it :) also love the hangers haha xxxxx


Wow, that's a good one. If I had the room I'd try it!

RAYNE said...

This is so cool!


. said...

Greeat idea! I gonna steal this:-)

Caroline Hulbæk said...

Love your leather jacket! :-)


Lisa said...

Ik vind het echt heel mooi staan, en ook een super lichte ruimte! Gorgeous :)! Leuke blog btw, ik ga je volgen.


Mila said...

you are brilliant. enough said!

Eline said...

ziet er echt mooi uit!

Marloes said...

Love it!

The Fancy Teacup said...

The hardware detail makes closet storage look so good!

♥, Jamie

Frii said...

those hangers rock :D

Jasmine said...

Thank you so much! :)

adriënne [sans-etoiles] said...

Ik ben van plan om dit te gaan doen, maar hoe bevestig je het touw aan het plafond? merci! adriënne

lucille said...

It looks really cool...

Emily Ulrich said...

Oh wow, so simple for such a slick, cool looking piece. Love the biker jackets, by the way.

balkis said...

Cool and easy DIY! Thanks for the tip!



your blog is just sooo amazing, I love your style!!!


Twins said...

so nice!! :)

Manon said...

Prachtige foto's en geweldige items :)

Linda said...

Zo leuk gedaan weer! Jouw blog is mijn lievelings!


LOIS said...

Hey Ivana!
Thank you for your lovely comment :) I think you should become interior designer or furniture designer, it's not like you arent already! :D I really hope you win this blogger's wardrobe competition, because you are by far the best blogger among them. So much quality and great style, seriously!
I still havent done my Ikea lamp! I have to save a little money to get my stuff together even if it's not much. :) I love the simplicity about your new rack. No i love the simplicity in all of your works, be it your outfits or your interior, your post and the look of your blog. You are a great inspiration too me. When I see your stuff, it sets my mind racing for own ideas. And that's what inspiration is all about. :)
Keep up your work and greet Lois :D
Love Lois xxx

David Diaz said...

Love that! So creative! :D

Have a Good Day!


LaFence said...

I've been wanting one of those clothing racks for a long time! Thanks for the tip :) and - you've got a nice collection of leather jackets there!

Kirsten said...

DIY apt. posts, I need to redo my apartment.

Le Salt Lake said...

So your blog is AMAZING and totally inspirational. I'm following you now and am so excited to see what you post next!

Raspberry & Rouge said...

Pretty! It is so gorgeous, what a great plan! Happy friday! XO Rebecca

GvN said...

Uhhhh...I like this!

And I like your blog too! I'm following now!
Enter my current giveaway :)! There are two beautiful cocktail rings to win :)!


style odyssey said...

a splendid idea!
i like the clean aesthetic in this space and wardrobe. everything seems to have a place, a purpose. no frills.

ida said...

anserw: oh , no that´s not okey to do. I would never steal from other blogs. I must admit that I'm not good at english hehe.
But I can tell her to stop stealing from you!
Have a nice day!:)

Karin said...

Really inspiring!

mc said...

love those studded coat hangers they're rad. also like this idea with the copper, thanks 4 sharing :)

Obscure Alternatives said...

I re-did my room in Canada last year and tried to do that but my ceiling nearly caved in with the weight of the clothes so I tried to do the same thing by bolting the rack to the wall and painting everything black which kind of gave the same effect.

I love your blog by the way.

dengalestue said...

I love your blog. Your clothes are amazing and your style! Take a look at my blog:)
Josefine U.Å.H

christina said...

nice one!
(oh, and i seem to have the same studded hangers, only they are white and red :>)

Bani said...

This is such a good idea! I remember your DIY branch page because that was the post that first brought me to your blog a while ago!

I really like the studded hangers

Shauna said...

uber cool clothes hanger - wow -
even I could that together and it
looks so industrial hot.

duckalicious said...

I can't decide which one I like better, this one or the branch!

...alkai... said...

Lovely, and so minimalistic. I like the style of Your blog:)



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Rafaela InteriorJunkie said...

This is great idea! Thanks :)

maneesh said...

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EAK said...

Ivania! You got the best DIY's! I need to try this and go to a hardware shop. You live in Amsterdam right? Where do you go?

Now I have to find a place to hang this clothing rack :) do you have an answer for that too?

maneesh said...

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Emma said...

Oh my, I've been wanting to do this with a long tree branch painted white! This is such a good idea though, hadn't thought of using a copper pole! Amazing x

Mawhi Ballen said...

very helpful! thanks :)

Anonymous said...

I tryed it but clothes were too heavy and the hooks fell out... Any suggestions???

Latest Fashion And Style said...

Great idea! and love your lather jacket.

Elin- Studio Elwa said...

Hi, lovley haninger, I was thinking about the same in my closet and this is a really good idea! I hope you dont mind me borrowing this pic for my blog, I will link back to you!

Home Improvements said...

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John Decker said...

This is a great article. I am a huge fashion guy and I love all sorts of clothing. I buy all different types of clothes because I love to try new things. However, I am running out of space for my clothes in my closet because I never like to throw away stuff. I noticed you hang a lot of your clothes on a clothes rack. It looks like they provide a lot of space for extra clothing, especially nice shirts and suites. I also like how you have your other clothing accessories stored on the racks. I think this would be a great option for me because it would save me a lot of space and they are portable! Thanks for the great pictures and ideas!

cath said...

Thank you for the inspiration. I did a variation here:

Anonymous said...

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